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service. crudely insulted two female united states senators, called hillary clinton a worthlessbitch and dianne feinstein a worthless whore. it is an outrage to have him in the chamber tonight. if john boehner had any respect for the members of congress or the president of the united states, he would prohibit ted nugent from attending. america deserves better. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show."
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stephanie: hello, current tv land. our number one jackie schechner. for political geeks, it's like christmas morning, state of the union night. did you hear who's going to be there? ted nugent. >> bill press just called him a terd in the punch bowl. stephanie: there's a metal detector before you get in, right? just checking. >> if you threaten the president, under investigation which he was then probably not allowed to come to the state of the union. stephanie: one would think. i hope the secret service men go like this, watching you. >> they should prohibit him from coming. it seems a strange thing to allow. stephanie: it's a new level of disrespect for the president. >> and dangerous. stephanie: it's right wing, another version of joe wilson yelling "you lie." it's a visual you affront to the president. >> i agree totally. here's jackie schechner. >> good morning everybody.
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north korea has conducted a third test of its nuclear defense program. the white house is calling its a highly provocative act emphasizing it's vigilant in the face of north korean provocation and commitment to allies in the region adding it is a violation of several u.n. security council resolutions and a threat to u.s. and international security. according to the north korean state media the nation set off a device underground at a northeastern test site. experts say north korea is working to build weaponry small enough to fit on long-range missiles and north korea is calling its test a first response to u.s. hostility. >> the senate armed services committee is scheduled to vote on the confirmation of chuck hagel today as our nation's next secretary of defense. the vote is likely to come down
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to 14-12 a split along party lines with republicans against. some want to oppose the nomination, but doesn't look like republicans have support for a filibuster. harry reid is said to want a full vote by tomorrow or thursday. tonight is the president's state of the union address. i'll have more on what to watch for, who's going to be there and whether or not the speech really matters. we're back after the break. stay with us. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready.
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[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> ladies and gentlemen it's
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the "stephanie miller show." ♪ stephanie: six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 toll three from everywhere. huh? >> hey! stephanie: jim moore is offer today because -- >> his knee is swollen. he needs to stay off of it. stephanie: right your knee, very very important for radio. >> we wish him well. [ applause ] stephanie: hopefully jim's knee will return tomorrow. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number. david bender, coming up, we will preview the state of the union address. first busting out of the news center for emergency duty. good morning jackie schechner.
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ah, ok. thank you you. >> thank you jackie. stephanie: you're exactly the right size. all right. oh, and here's the one thing where's my hate letter music? you will find this somewhat hilarious. we have a complaint letter. >> ok. stephanie: i think chris mentioned we made news yesterday. i wondered why i was getting hate letters calling me a racist. i did huh? ing oh. this -- who is this from? do you remember we did jackie's health care corner and played a sound byte, a whole bunch of nonsense that i don't remember. we deconstructed the whole thing. >> a bunch of crap. stephanie: right. that was the morning we were obsessed with eating a rice ball and we posted it on my facebook page and talked about it all morning because it was our latest internet fixation, so we were refreshing to it all morning. i swear to god i did not understand this until you told
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me. i said let's unpack this rice ball of nonsense, referring to the sound byte. you understand where this is going. apparently i was making an asian reference. >> according to news busters. they said she was talking about a video about eating rice ball, but we could see how this is racist. stephanie: i'm going is that not racist for someone to think i meant that. i wasn't thinking racist at all. i'm like what? ok. i'm just saying it's racist for people to think i had a racist in tent. >> nobody read it that way until they started to suggest that perhaps that's what it was. >> until they thought they caught you in something racist. >> you accidentally referred to the eating the rice ball. they were saying that's not what she meant that she actually meant something else. >> the president of the asian
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american journalist association. [ laughter ] stephanie: begs to differ. paul chung has written to us, right, chris? this is for all of us. >> need apology for rice ball slur on "stephanie miller show." >> ok. wasn't a slur. >> i don't know why jackie takes the bullet for this. dear miss jackie schechner. in these partisan times, there are lots of people who look to make headlines as well as make a point. there are all kinds of ways to do this. making racist statements should not be one of those ways. we agree, paul. oh, my god this is however they have to go to see the left is more racist than -- what? ok. that's why we were disappointed that one of your commentators did that. your host, jackie schechner played a comment -- first of
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all, i did. >> the person doesn't pay attention to the joe. >> your host jackie schechner made a comment. miss miller said we tried to unpack that little rice ball of nonsense. >> that's not at all what you said. stephanie: no. rice ball! >> unpacking a rice ball. stephanie: talks about several other things. it didn't occur to me -- anyway, and it isn't worthy of miss schechner for current tv. >> i didn't say it! i didn't say it! stephanie: we'd like to see miss schechner apologize. >> i didn't say it. stephanie: well, if that's what counts as an apology from you miss jackie schechner that's fine. >> when i make a mistake with, i'm the first person to admit
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it. stephanie: me, too! >> i don't think there's weakness in that. if you made a mistake say you're sorry and move on. the biggest problem we get into is trying to defend ourselves knowing we did something wrong. had i done something, i would have apologized for it. people know that about me. stephanie: oh, my god. the guy who owns the show trying to kill me for the life insurance is what is this, what should we do about this. chris and i are like well, this is the most ridiculous thing ever. >> i pointed out to him the time line of us playing the slow lauras eating the rice ball, talking about unpacking rice balls all morning long. >> here we go stephanie miller. [ laughter ] >> you really think that that would be the insult you would use? >> there are so many things about michelle malkin, i don't
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think her ethnicity is a concern to anybody. stephanie: as i recall, jackie saying at one point that's a ridiculous point on health care because she's asian. [ laughter ] stephanie: i was like jackie! so ok. this -- yeah, and i wondered again, i should know whenever i get hate mail i don't understand, i should just call you and say i made news besters again, haven't i? >> indeed, miss miller, you have. stephanie: it happens to regularly, chris doesn't bother to tell me. >> i did wonder finished forward you the link and i thought nah chris is on it. >> it shows up in my google news alert every time it happens. stephanie: i'm like all right what today. >> do you have to we'd through them to get to your regular email, chris?
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>> pretty much. stephanie: leftwing talker stephanie miller made an eyebrow raising attack on michelle malkin miller snared let's unpack this rice ball. there it is again! stephanie: this line could leave one with the impression that it was a racially tinged insult. >> if you're racist. >> if you're inclined to think that way, sure. stephanie: if you listen to the show, it is comprised entirely of sophomoric jabs about the die jessive track. >> what? stephanie: they hopefully supply a transcript, jackie.
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[ laughter ] stephanie: is there insurance for that? someone on your facebook page just said your colon is not a fact checker no matter how many ignorant statements you pull out your ass. this is the part jacki, you were saying is kind of hilarious. the rice ball line was mentioned earlier in the hour and through the whole show and became something of a running gag during the program a video eating food items. someone tuning in at that moment might have been offended. >> they are worried about someone tuning in and misinterpreting out of context. stephanie: they would
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misinterpret by news busters posting a headline. >> they posted a misleading and out of context headline as they are wont to do. >> this is entirely untrue. >> exactly. when this gets posted to my going the news alert, it gets posted as the headline. stephanie: we'll show you why this is complete [bleep]. it's too late, you've already sent your insult letters to miss miller. >> is miss stephanie miller racist? no but... stephanie: anyway, so there's that. so that was part of my day yesterday. [ applause ] >> that sounds like fun. stephanie: dear god at least it's state of the union night whohooray! >> do we have a state of the union drinking game? >> every time he says "rice ball" drink.
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>> that's not going to get anyone drunk. what should we pick? stephanie: i'm still too upset about the ted nugent thing. just when you think you can't get to another layer of disrespect against this respect topping yelling you lie during the state of the union really? >> it's one thing to have it him. i don't understand why he's loud. if you are a regular citizen not a celebrity who made a threat against the president would he be allowed to attend the state of the union? stephanie: that's what i would think. oh texas republican congressman, that guy stockman, announced he is excited to have a patriot like ted new jersey generality with me in the house chamber. >> do patriots threaten the president's life? stephanie: apparently. now everybody's going to talk about this, but it makes it, i think like a, you know, a side show, a charade. this is the state of the union you know?
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this is -- >> it doesn't make sense to me that they would allow it. i don't understand why the secret service doesn't say this is a man who made a threat on the president, he should not be allowed if the chamber and that's the end of it. it's astonishing to me. you can invite hover you want. doesn't mean they should be allowed to come. stephanie: would you like fun facts? he has in the past threatened to kill president obama, secretary of state hillary clinton, dianne feinstein and barbara bachner. he said, this isn't like a news buster transcript, this is natural. >> if you want, i have the audio. stephanie: the whole thing? i was in chicago. >> this is supposed to be part of right ring word. >> obama. >> pull a machine gun. [bleep] >> let's hear it for him.
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[ applause ] i was going to say hillary -- [ cheers and applause ] >> hey dianne feinstein. >> is my hearing going or do we need sub titles? stephanie: i'd be happy to read it. i was in chicago when hi said hey, obama you might want to suck on one of these punk. he was holding his machine gun. that's what the secret service would see a threat against the president. obama is a piece of [bleep]. i said hey hillary you might want to ride one of these into the sunset. i saw barbara backner. she might want to suck on my machine begun. hey, dianne feinstein ride on one of these you whore.
6:21 am
>> this is a man we want in the same room? >> when did we allow people who make threats against the president in the same room? stephanie: i'll either be dead or in jail this time next year if he wins. he said officials are criminals and like an animal that needs to be shot. he claims he wishes the south won the civil war. he denounced what he calls obama's racist agenda and liberal jihad. unlike most crazy people visited by the f.b.i., jacki they don't get invited to the state of the union. >> why is he going? he hates the president and senator barbara backner. stephanie: i'm sure it's to psych the president out. that's why it's just a way, you know, it's a mind game.
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>> you think the president cares about ted nugent? stephanie: no. >> really? stephanie: that's good news, he has other stuff to deal with, i'm guessing. jacki schechner remains in the side car filling in for jim moore. >> will she yell? stephanie: we'll make her. and also do christopher walkin. >> she gets insulted by more right wingers by 6:00 a.m. than most people do all day. it's the "stephanie miller show." [ ♪ theme ♪ ]
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the president will deliver the annual state of the union address. he'll address gun control, immigration reform, and the economy. we however, promise to bring you a current perspective. only on current tv. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller.
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♪ stephanie: yeah, that's right it is the "stephanie miller show." 25 minutes after the hour. jacki schechner. >> good morning. another hate letter for us. >> oh! they just keep coming familiar. >> oh, god really? stephanie: news busters says i said something and i get a lot of c. word letter on things i didn't say. what we were saying is weapon referring all morning to. >> the slow laurus eating a rice ball. stephanie: i said let's unpack this health care rice ball. it was pointed out to me that i must be an antti asian racist.
6:28 am
it starts to whom it may concern, which we say doesn't include any of us here. i was recently offended to a comment of -- i'm offended already on his attack on prep significances, let me just start by saying. i was recently offended to a comment of stephanie miller's referring to disagree to an asian woman's comments as rice ball of nonsense is simply degrading and a racist comment. ok. that is such violence against the english language and grammar. >> that syntax makes my heart hurt. >> i'm a huge grammar nerd. it's incredibly offense. stephanie: many asians have supported the liberal cause but will not tolerate hateful who would disagree with stephanie's
6:29 am
reference to rice ball. as 100% asian, i am looking for an official apology. i am looking forward for an on that polling to such a powerful misuse of words. >> i would like him to apologies to those who use the english language properly. >> i'd like to ship him conjunction junction, please. >> there was nothing racist in anything that was said. stephanie: there was no racial in tent whatsoever. again, i think it is racist to people to think that i -- talking all morning about the worst thing a rice ball i'm like what? >> 95% of these people did not hear the segment did not hear the previous day's show or previous hour where we talked in as heincessantly about the rice ball,
6:30 am
probably too much. >> they can go back and review it. stephanie: you were behind all of that. >> way to go jacki. stephanie: way to go, jacki good job. let's go to dave in buffalo. hi dave, you're on with stephanie and the crew. caller: good morning. i don't know why news busters is so upset. you didn't say anything about ann coulter's rice balls. [buzzer] stephanie: let the record show that dave from buffalo made that comment and not. >> jacki schechner. stephanie: this is what happens when correcting a previous news buster story you make the news again. we will be previewing the state of the union. jacki schechner really excited. let's not call it a ball of
6:31 am
anything. >> i would say election night is christmas, this is maybe more like easter, we get a little basket with the grass and candy. >> yeah. >> state of the union isn't as big as other nights. stephanie: for geeks on valentine's night party. >> sleep right through it. stephanie: right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ ♪
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stephanie: that is so soothing, it is the "stephanie miller show." 34 minutes after the hour, 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number. going to chicago, sexy liberal tour. >> what are we going to do? road trip. stephanie: road trip. on current we dropped our cable and got dish. rock on! this will be our one chance to see your show. we got our tickets in the mail, row four in the pit! i would hurry and get those tickets, they are going very, very fast, only one midwest show this year. lots to get to. happy state of the union day. >> hooray!
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stephanie: richard you're on the "stephanie miller show." caller: good morning what you said about michelle malkin might have been somewhat insensitive but you're not racist. i just want people to know that. i'm your opposite when it comes to the political spectrum. now with that the ted nugent, michelle obama a fantastic first lady, that's a statement that kind of -- i justled like to know if they're going to go after gaining members and convicted felons that commit gun crimes as hard as they go after people like myself who are honest, law abiding never done anything wrong. stephanie: how are they going after you more? obviously they're going after gang violence as well.
6:38 am
how are they going after you harder? caller: by basically saying the people that own guns are the once funneling these guns to gang members. i am for laws that track down these two young men they arrested, one i heard has confessed. they should totally investigate how he got that gun. stephanie: right. caller: and find the people guilty of how he got that gun and bring him before the prosecutors. they give probation to people who steal guns from gun stores without any qualms. just listen to our side. we do not want to be vilified or compared to felons or gang members when it comes to gotten ownership or the use of guns. stephanie: i don't understand your analogy how you're being compared, a allow abiding january owner how are you being
6:39 am
persecuted? >> i'm just saying if you look at the last 15 years of the gun control issue what used to be gun control incorporated is now the brady patrol against gun violence. they changed the frosting, but it's still a chocolate cake underneath the frosting. they still basically want to take away guns from people who are law abiding citizens. stephanie: no, they don't. you still haven't said how you've been persecuted as a law abiding gun owner. caller: i've listened to the debate ratchet up where anybody who owns a gun is a hate -- stephanie: no! they haven't said that. the president has talked about the vast majority of what americans want, background checks. a majority would like a ban on assault rifles and high capacity clips. caller: if you look at australia, when it comes to
6:40 am
semiautomatic rifles, they outlawed every single thing that is semiautomatic. stephanie: and gun violence dropped precipitously. we can go back and forth but i would win. [ applause ] stephanie: like the twist -- i mean, it's just, there is -- there was a horrific gun violent crime, i forget the incident now. they cracked down on it. gun crime has gone down. >> he threw something out there that we have no way of checking. cook county is extremely lax in gun prosecutions, people get probation for gun assaults? i don't know that's true. i was going to say google that for me. stephanie: yeah. by the way that's why the [bleep] congressman bringing ted
6:41 am
nugent is bringing him because there's going to be gun violence there. it's a point-counter point. because gabrielle giffords and the parents of the girl just slain in chicago are going to be there. >> that's helpful. stephanie: boyd in florida you're on the "stephanie miller show." caller: hello? stephanie: hi, boyd, go ahead. caller: hi, stephanie. i really love you guys. the last guy was kind of a goofball. stephanie: that goofball. [ laughter ] caller: what happened to the top of the republican leadership to say hey don't bring that person and, you know, sensible. stephanie: thank you a reasonable republican party would not want the face of that guy, you know, somebody like ted nugent there representing them. caller: just remember. the d.o.j. has drone strikes you know. stephanie: i'm sorry, i missed
6:42 am
that. caller: they know where he lives. stephanie: yes right. i'm sure the president will improvise something about a drone strike against ted nugent. not really. yep, he is going to mention obviously gun control will be part of the speech. >> background check universal registration. >> we don't agree with what you're doing to come to texas to quite frankly piss on us. ♪ ♪ >> stalin took the guns. ♪ ♪ >> away from the school that is indoctrinating them. >> find a place where you are surrounded by like-minded people. >> what a collaborator scum you
6:43 am
are! ♪ ♪ >> they're taking everybody's guns. ♪ ♪ >> if you take our guns, we're going to defeat you. ♪ ♪ >> we're killing everybody! ♪ ♪ >> stalin took the guns! >> you won't do anything about the mentally ill. >> barack obama is trying to reimplement, if you want another concorde bridge, i've got buddies. stephanie: wow! that was rocky mountain mike and diane in raleigh on vocals. it includes everything i love. what's not great about that? heart. >> barracuda.
6:44 am
stephanie: deb, you're on the "stephanie miller show." had i, deb. caller: hey, there everybody. stephanie: hello. caller: hi. isn't that funny how the dude said that he was calling in about ted nugent but went off on his own tangent. stephanie: they're tricky like that. caller: i called mr. boehner's office asking what the heck is wrong with him allowing that sort of scum on to the house chambers. i just don't understand what they're trying to represent and if he can get control over his caucus is pretty much the way i say it on the phone trying not to laugh. stephanie: deb, you know none of them have control of the party in that there's two responses state of the union there's a republican and a tea party one. since when, right? rand paul is giving the tea party response to both the republican response and the president. caller: it's only been since the
6:45 am
president was african-american. stephanie: thank you! you're the smartest girl in class and you get a $50 sherry's berry's gift card. caller: you are the people of my dreams. i was going to say woman of my dreams but i always leave chris and jim out. >> leave jim out today. caller: he's so great and i never say so. stephanie: that's so cute. hang on, we're giving you berries, hang on. caller: you're the best in the west north east and south. stephanie: i need that this week. for an amazing deal on berries type in the code stephanie. >> that's right. stephanie: ok, detail in georgia, hi, welcome. caller: good morning. stephanie: good morning. caller: all right. i'm offended by how fox news puts ted nugent out there like he's some kind of hero. stephanie: yeah. caller: when in fact, he would open his 1980's concerts with
6:46 am
these racist rants and -- hello? stephanie: yes right here. caller: i'm sorry. but my brothers just told me that he also was kicked off the kiss farewell tour because of his racist rants. stephanie: yeah, he repeatedly calls the president racist. caller: well, they always, what is it, getting ahead of things and trying to blame the other side for what they in fact are doing. stephanie: right yeah. caller: and, you know, the things he said in the 1980's, i don't want to repeat them, but he used every racial slur in the world. what does that say about all the people that love him so much? stephanie: right. caller: it says that they're racist. stephanie: this is why we spotlighted this ridiculous news busters thing because this is what they continually do. no no, it's the left that are racist. caller: we saw your show friday.
6:47 am
you didn't say anything. i understood exactly what you said. stephanie: nobody but racists would think i meant anything racial about michelle malkin. caller: it might have occurred to you and once they said that, i thought that's just pitiful. stephanie: right because they have true racists like ted nugent on their side. they do the same play, both sides do it and both sides are equally as bad. no, they're not. caller: i want to see people call him out on it. did he have an epiphany recently denouncing that type of thing? i don't think so. stephanie: it's not only the ridiculous comment he made, but any sane version of the republican party that my dad and gold water were in would say% anybody who has made a threat against the president of the united states is not sitting for the state of the union address. i use the word unprecedented. stephanie: and don't forget, he crapped his pants to get out of
6:48 am
vietnam. stephanie: thank you. thank you. woo, thank you for that. a load in his pants tonight. really? what is that? >> p.u.! >> announcer: it her number off the men's room stall 1-800-steph-1-2. ♪ ♪
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>> >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ ♪ stephanie: little the "stephanie miller show." 51 minutes after the hour. it's a swizzle. david bender to talk about the state of the union at the top of the hour. roger in queens, you're on the "stephanie miller show." hi roger. caller: steph you sexy liberal you, how are you? the whole malkin controversy. stephanie: only at myth busters but ok. caller: rice balls are italian. if you want a rice ball in new york, you go to an italian deli.
6:54 am
i've never gone to an asian restaurant and gotten anything resembling a rice ball. rice balls are it willian. if you are in any way insinuating that michelle malkin is italian i've got a real problem. stephanie: now i've enraged the italian groups, as well. i'm sorry. let's go to allen in texas. hey, allen. >> hey, good morning. stephanie: hi. caller: i was just wondering ted nugent i served four years in vietnam. here's a guy who dodged the draft, had an underage girl living with him a couple years before they got married. is this the type of people the republican party's going to embrace, you know, a draft dodger? stephanie: apparently, yeah. apparently, this is the motley crew of the republican party. a united states congressman is bringing someone who has threatened the life of the
6:55 am
president of the united states to the state of the union. caller: we as sportsmen we control our own. we outlawed guns for duck hunting much like cannons on the front of boats to kill 40, 50 ducks. we outallowed them. they are not needed. all it's good for is a pissing contest. stephanie: right. why do we accept regulations on everything as you say from hunting rifles to whatever you want to -- to cars, there are all sorts of regulations for everything that have been proven to keep us safer literally the n.r.a. went to no regulation of any kind on guns. rick in ohio, hi, rick, welcome. hello, rick. caller: hi how are you doing mama? stephanie: good, go ahead. caller: i think with ted nugent, we need to hit him in the pact
6:56 am
book, basically call your radio station, say don't play his music, don't buy his albums. hit him in the pact book. anybody who sits there and does the type of tinge that he did deserves to be punished. stephanie: does he have a music career to kill? [ laughter ] stephanie: has there been anything since cat scratch fever? i wasn't aware of it. >> he plays at indian casinos. stephanie: oh, all right. let's call them, then. kenny in cleveland hey. caller: hello everybody. it will be good to see you all in chicago. stephanie: yay! caller: hopefully you'll bring a fresh arsenal of rice ball jokes with you. stephanie: a loaded cannon full of rice ball jokes. caller: shame on jacki for not saying something racist. i'm wondering if news busters is going to cover this video i found for ted nugent. if you type in ted nugent racist
6:57 am
in google, you get a lot. 1995 a guy named bob mack from grand royal magazine, he uses the number word. he swears like a freak and he also says that he claims real americans are white people, and he criticizes rap music. by the end he figures that he in vented the mini skirt too which blew my mind, so, i mean, i know he brought back the loin cloth, but i don't know. stephanie: all right. caller: and i was just going to say based on his experience to get out of vietnam i think a more appropriate nickname for him would be terd nugget. stephanie: thank you sir. oh you little scamp! all right oh, and this is the other -- i was saying the thing that ted nugent said more recently than the last thing we
6:58 am
played. >> if barack obama becomes the president in november again, i will either be dead or in jail by this time next year. if you can't galvanize and promote and recruit people to vote for mitt romney, we're done. we'll be a suburb of indonesia next year. we need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in november. stephanie: how'd that go for you? mary in los angeles you're on the "stephanie miller show." hi. caller: hi, my comment is along the lines that you were just talking about sensible regulation, you can't take a cannon to hit a duck, that kind of thing. stephanie: right. caller: this argument that background checks would lead to registry, that leads to confiscation it would be like big pharma arguing that because the government controls the sale of some pain killers they're
6:59 am
called opiates they'll come in and take my aspirin. stephanie: this is what the gun nuts always do, the slippery hitler water slide. exactly. january, you're on the "stephanie miller show." hi january from chicago. caller: i just wanted to give you a fact check. love you guys. stephanie: thank you. caller: you can look at any goose cast last night on the major networks regarding chicago, and the gun control. stephanie: right. caller: and mayor emanuel and police commissioner jerry mccarthy were talking about that, that we do have really lax, really lax gun control here and they had photos of people who were up on charges recently for illegal gun possession and were given probation came out and three of them committed murder. so they want some automatic
7:00 am
minimum sentencing for anyone with illegal guns. >> if you listen to the far right, you'd think that there's a strong gun regulation in chicago. caller: right, yeah, that's what -- honestly, that's what had gary mccarthy said, contrary to the hype across the country we have very lax, he said that's why we have so many murders. stephanie: yes absolutely. right back with david bender on the "stephanie miller show."
7:01 am
7:02 am
stephanie: happy state of the union day david bender coming up. jacki, for comedy value the tea party response. >> they'll be on tonight? stephanie: yes remember michele bachmann with the charts, looking at the wrong camera. >> looking off to the side. stephanie: she was looking for the wrong camera through the whole thing. herman cain did it last year. >> who is it tonight? stephanie: rand paul. >> are they broadcasting it? >> i think they are going to broadcast it. >> look at me, all non-newsy on this one. >> and you're sitting there in the news center. >> someone distracted me with 30 minutes of chitchat on the radio. stephanie: i was giving you a chance to clear your name. >> i have a whole lasagna of news here. for the past 30 years or so,
7:03 am
presidents have been declaring the state of the union strong, or some variation of the word. "the new york times" has an interesting piece today saying that wasn't always the case, that when things weren't going well some presidents had no problem saying so. 1975, president ford announced bad news and didn't expect applause calling the state of the union not good, due to high unemployment. in in that 61, president kennedy used the word disturbing in describing the economy saying he was talking about to the nation at time of per i will and opportunity. president reagan in 19 ate two used the word as a way to show things had been improving from the year before. president clinton and bush used the term over and over again in their state of the unions and that's how it became solidified and something we've come to expect. also expect tonight president obama to make an announcement that he plans to bring home some 34,000 troops from afghanistan
7:04 am
by this time next year. that is slightly more than half of the troops that are till there. what else should we expect tonight? we're going to hear about jobs, the economy immigration likely climate change and gun control legislation. less certain will the president address the use of drones against u.s. citizens abroad. will he bring up syria or iran, or talk about security at the u.s. embassy and consulates. the washington post warns not to get too worked up about it, that the state of the union has rarely changed anybody's mind. we're back after the break. ♪
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>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ ♪
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stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it! hmm, 1-800-steph-1-2, toll free from anywhere. it's a love letter mixed in with all my hate mail from news busters. i love you in that listener devoted fan kind of way. >> you could say it with flowers. stephanie: type stephanie in the box, please, or buy tickets to sexy liberal tour in chicago. coming up with something very special four on thursday. thank you. [ applause ] >> they better get you sherry cherries. sheesh. stephanie: now their dead beat
7:09 am
dad. david bender, our paul. ♪ it means a lot doesn't it, bender ♪ >> yay david bender. stephanie: he is my sometimes house husband and of course, progressive voice's channel tune in radio by the way. good morning david bender! >> we can get you there, as well. that's what's missing. listen to this, the quality of this. >> i know. [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] >> i'm all 70's, it's amazing. i'm getting cheese. large hunks of cheese. leaving them out at eye level. stephanie: give me my khaki 1960's sitcom music. ♪ ♪ >> i just have to go up and change real quick. put the cheese, we were pouring wine and stuff and then i hear "no!" i'm like david you didn't put the cheese on a low table, did
7:10 am
you? turns out he did. max and fred both had a giant hunk of cheese in their mouth as they ran out the door. >> you weren't specific where to set it out. >> more specific, she had pearls on. stephanie: and you had some splainin' to do. >> more importantly i had party on. speaking of the tate of the union, i believe ted nugent should be disinvited and invite michelle malkin. stephanie: somebody reasonable. stephanie: you know, david we kid as we do. >> we're kidders. stephanie: as someone that has managed every campaign since rutherford b. hayes, is this not exhibit 5,633, this is not my dad and gold water's party. it is a new level of disrespect for the president. >> you lie. you lie! that guy is still there!
7:11 am
to scream out you lie is still going to have a seat. stephanie: like it's def comedy jam. we have a sense of history and decorum. it's still the united states of america. >> history and decorum definitely not. we're talking about us, ok? here's the truth the truth is for a long time, penalties have the good sense not to go to congress. adams did it. jefferson thought it was a bad idea. he sent a message. it took years way past ruther ford b. hayes not until woodrow wilson. he said i'm going to give the speech again. it is now a modern era tradition, really, for the president to address this joint session of congress. it wasn't always thus. maybe it would be better just to send them a note.
7:12 am
stephanie: exactly. here's how things are. >> here's how things are you guys figure it out. we know certain things are going to be said tonight the president is going to continue some of the themes from his inaugural address. i've got to tell you,. stephanie: you mean the issues that he ran on that the majority of americans agree with him but he will be obstructed by the republicans in congress? >> yes i mean those. the thing that is astonishing to me, what are we now, it is about three weeks since the inauguration, and it is a speech the farther away from it you get, rather like president kennedy's ask not what your country can do for you the farther away we get from seneca falls to selma to stonewall the more moved i am. the more i realize that that was a moment, a defining moment in the history of our country where he brought together the
7:13 am
new america the new american majority, which is women which is minorities, which now includes the lgbt community. he brought them together and rhetoric matters stephanie. that's the thing that, you know, they say words are not important, they, you know, they're spoken go out in the air, they're gone, but every now and again when a president speaks, and it's few and far between when you have those moments, it changes history and this president did that. stephanie: right but, you know, obviously this is what we're hearing, because this is going to focus more on the economy and jobs than anything else. >> it is. stephanie: again what's going to change? what are we facing now the march 1 deadline for avoiding. >> sequestration. stephanie: right. again, there's mitch mcconnell yesterday, clearly the president wants more revenue for more government he's gotten all the revenue he's going to get. been there done that.
7:14 am
that's the problem, he's going to talk about money for infrastructure, manufacturing job, clean energy, expanding access to early childhood education and there he will be sitting in front of a republican congress that's going to once again obstruct all of that, right? >> well, they are. what the president is also doing is he's leaving washington immediately, and among other things he is doing the modern era of the fireside chat, a google chat after the state of the union. he is going over the heads of this congress. that is the difference between barack obama 2.0. this president is liberated. you're no longer sensing that he's trying to get mitch mcconnell to come to the table or john boehner as if john boehner actually had any power left in his own caucus. he's now going to not only going to do the google chat, he's going to atlanta, south
7:15 am
carolina chicago he is back out on the road. obama for america has been becoming organized for action. there will be state of the union watch parties all over the country. we are in a permanent campaign, but in a good way actually, because that's how you're going to move this congress. stephanie: one of the issues obviously is going to be different tonight that the american people largely agree with him is on gun control and there willthere will gabrielle giffords and her husband the parents of the girl just slain in chicago sitting with michelle obama. you know, it seems to me, and there will be ted nugent on their side. i mean. >> suck on this. >> exactly. >> it is shameful. i would call it comedy, but it is, you know, still too close. it's tragedy to see ted nugent have any role or any presence in a ceremony like this, however when we use phrases like gun
7:16 am
control, ok, we give up -- it's pro choice, pro life. words do matter. this isn't about gun control. this is about gun safety, protecting children, this is about the things that 92% of americans agree on. stephanie: mmm hmm. >> if we allow them to define the terms which is what happened for those first four years, obamacare the affordable health care act became obamacare, became a pejorative. stephanie: right. >> we can't let that happen on this issue. when you have police chiefs, people who believe in public safety saying across the board we've got to do these things, then you win the debate, and that's what the president is saying. stephanie: here's the republican party saying we are not in disarray and there are two responses again to the state of the union, the republican party and the tea party. here's rand paul talking. >> i see it as an extra
7:17 am
response, i don't see it necessarily at divisive. i won't say anything that is necessarily like marco rubio is wrong. he and i don't always agree. this isn't about he and i. this is about the tea party. stephanie: they still haven't finished their argument between the republican party, the tea party and fox news before they can have a debate with us. >> wouldn't it be fun if rand paul just got up there and said marco -- rubio! just for the hell of it. rand paul is seriously running for president and just get ready for it. stephanie: that turkey, really? >> he is the tea party's darling, and so, you bring the rand paul, if you want to call them libertarians, you can, they do you bring that contingent in and marry it with the tea party and you've got a movement that's
7:18 am
going to be very tough for establishment. when marco rubio is the establishment candidate, you know you're in trouble. stephanie: exactly. what else do you expect to hear tonight from the president? >> climate change. stephanie: really? >> and we're getting a little preview. that was not a toss off line stephanie. stephanie: that's what senator boxer said when we got to go to her luncheon. she was genuinely excited with what the president said in the inaugural. >> did she serve box lunches? really? stephanie: really? really, you went there? >> it is something that no one expected rather like this vanishing position, no one really expected that the president was going to make this a top priority, and frankly it's long overdo, and i think we're going to hear it yet again tonight in the state of the union and it is going to be something that will cross party
7:19 am
lines. look, when you have climate disasters, when you have storms of the century annually, every year. stephanie: yeah. >> something is wrong. it cuts across -- remember, it hit republican areas remember it was peter king, a republican congressman who basically started screaming at his own leadership for their lack of responsiveness on it. we're getting to a place where the republicans themselves realize they have to act not because they think -- even if they don't believe it's real, they are seeing what's happening in their districts and it's economically a disaster for them. stephanie: yeah. it doesn't matter until it becomes money then it suddenly gets republican attention. >> in my back yard. stephanie: david bender, political director of progressive >> you can get the stephanie miller show! stephanie: golly! david babbledder happy state of the union talk to you tomorrow!
7:20 am
>> yay for david bender. stephanie: 18 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: in a perfect world, there would be no right wing talk radio. until then, there is the "stephanie miller show." to help make sure everyone's ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. ♪ ♪
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as a singer, he conquered the world but peace within his
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family was something he could never have. of all the hours in all his days, these are the ones you'll never forget. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. stephanie: mmm hmm. no matter how bad thins are in your life, at least you're not on that cruise ship where passengers report food running
7:25 am
down the walls. and the line for food hours long on the stranded cruise ship. that makes the sewage run down the walls slower. >> they're not going to be in port until thursday. stephanie: guess what they get a full refund -- well not a refund, a credit for another across on -- carnival cruise. when can we go again? ok, i don't get it. timothy in chicago your on the stephanie miller show. hey, tim. caller: hello! is it me? i was going to give you a little fun fact. in 1970, grace slick was denied access to a luncheon at the white house. she was actually invited to it. why can't they tell ted nugent you can't come. >> cindy sheehan was denied
7:26 am
access. stephanie: what did grace slick do? why was she denied access? caller: it was 1970. >> because she was a radical. caller: she was a protestor against nixon. stephanie: oh, i see. caller: her guest was abby hoffman. stephanie: oh, all right. caller: they didn't feel that that was appropriate. >> there's precedent for denying people. stephanie: i wish someone could say, let me check the computer, no you don't get to come. >> if cindy sheehan is denied access. stephanie: because she was wearing a tee shirt or something. mabel from texas you're on the "stephanie miller show." hi, mabel. caller: hi, how are you doing this morning? stephanie: good, go ahead. caller: i keep thinking all the reasons the republicans keep saying that we can't have the different forms of gun control that is needed, and i keep thinking if we can't have it because it doesn't work, then why don't we throw out the penal
7:27 am
code and 10 commandments? under the penal code, murder doesn't work, throw it out. under the 10 commandments, though shall not commit adultery, that doesn't work even for the congressmen so throw it out. >> this is secret audio this is what we're up against. >> we have a strong attempt next year. a lot of that's going to be delayed. it has to go through the process. we have a leading democratic in the legislature sort of most of the time, not all the time, people in my caucus really want to ban guns. we're going to deal with the close the gun show loophole, wouldn't that be good? so far there's nothing happening on that. stephanie: wow he says we have a strong agenda. it will be delayed somewhat by the connecticut effect.
7:28 am
that's a way to talk about a bunch of people being blown away by a military rifle. >> it's a delay. >> we have control of some democratic congressman. isn't that great? awesome! stephanie: yes gun safety just a year ago a third rail of american politics will emerge as a central legislative issue in washington this week. a bipartisan group of senators legislation to enhance background effects. in the state of the union tonight, there will be several victims of gun violence, including gabrielle giffords. her group released an advertisement. >> take it from me, congress must act. let's get this done. stephanie: god bless her. ok. ike in south carolina, you're on the "stephanie miller show." hi. caller: i'm going to try to
7:29 am
arrange a friend of mine from australia to call you. unform, it's like 4:00 in the morning yesterday or tomorrow. stephanie: oh, cry me a river. that's what time we get up every day. but go ahead. caller: under the conservative prime minister, they initiated a gun buy back. the crime rates i heard that the crime rates went up. that's an absolute lie. they do still have weapons but what they did is they basically did what california's moving to do and as a matter of fact, i believe the architect of that bill is the same woman that managed to get this done in australia to the point that look, only thing we're arguing about here is how many times you can flex your finger and fire a bullet. we're not trying to make it you can't open a guns. anything over six shots out of a revolver it's six for a gun of any sort and your rifles have to be bolt action, and you still have your right to own weapons but we're not going to let this just everybody buy them and the kind of garbage that's been
7:30 am
going on. enough's enough. you paranoid gun nuts should get used to it, we're not going to stop until we're done. stephanie: the thing you were talking about, australia there was a big -- violence with automatic weapons. they banned them and gun violence has gone way down. what is the n.r.a. lie? caller: it is that after that happened that supposedly criminals were going around and kicking in people's doors and accosting them with handguns and weapons, and that is absolutely not the case. furthermore, the weapons, when it comes to automatics, you can own them, but you have to keep them at the firing range and go through more of a background check to the point you have people that will vouch for you go through a mental evaluation and through full gun safety training. if you get caught after two years, they had a grace period, both back every weapon and clip. after two years if you got caught with that mess, you're going to prison. that's what we need to do here.
7:31 am
stephanie: you're a gun grabber like me, ike. appreciate it. get 'em. coming to get 'em. >> oh, god. stephanie: psych! just kidding. i wish! 29 minutes after the hour. back with charlie pierce next, on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ ♪
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note. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> in a gal is nothing but trouble. stephanie: yep, 34 minutes after the hour. happy tate of the union day!
7:36 am
1-800-steph-1-2 is the phone number. >> only one person understands charlie piece. >> pierce. ♪ ♪ stephanie: charlie pierce, political columnist for ♪ ♪ stephanie: good morning charlie pierce. >> good morning to you all! stephanie: good morning sir. so we've been talking about you obviously wrote about your piece, the delightful steve stockman who will bring you go the magic of ted nugent. [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] >> i hope the camera lingers on him a long time saying guest of stockman. stephanie: i was reading about how he got out of serving in vietnam. >> he found a very indelicate way of doing it. i would advice people to put on a nice frock rather than do what he did. stephanie: that's being a patriot, i guess. >> absolutely.
7:37 am
stephanie: steve stockman you say has already demonstrated his not considerable gift of being a republican over this issue. stockman has invited the nuge because families of the newtown victim have been invited and he thinks he should bring a crack pot. >> if you bring along a victim of gun violence, you have to bring along a gun crazy. stephanie: for fair and balanced. >> because both sides do it. stephanie: exactly. thank you. we were talking about you get to the point where you go first of all, you and i both know it's never been done, but this is someone who has been visited by the secret service more than once for a speech that was considered threats against the president's life right? >> i'm sure that, you know, even the limited number of people who really want to work voluntarily for steve stockman have checked this. i mean i assume, maybe they
7:38 am
haven't. if they haven't, it would be great. it would be wonderful if like the nuge were to get stopped at the metal detector and told he couldn't go in. i did get the chance to run the headline wang dang sweet putang. stephanie: there you go, there's that dream. [ laughter ] stephanie: you wrote about this latest gun violence, saying the gun walked through the public lobby in delaware, he opened fire killing two injuring two police officers. wane lapierre said the only way to stop those guys were good guys with guns. there were good guys with guns and metal detectors. two got shot to death. by his own logic wane lapierre is [bleep] as a christmas goose. you can point to bunch of those there was a guard at columbine.
7:39 am
>> it doesn't make a lot of sense as an argument against sensible gun restriction. it just doesn't. stephanie: you say there's a whopping big back story here. those of>> it's amazing if you read the talking points put out by heritage and freedom works about why they think renewing the violence against women act is a bad idea. among other things, you lose your right to bear arms. you know, you commit violence against women you lose your right to carry a gun to commit further violence against women. stephanie: the president obviously is going to always this tonight and clearly that's going to be the emotional with gabrielle giffords and other victims of gun violence there that would be the emotional high
7:40 am
appointment of the speech. do you expect it to be able to change anything that's going to happen? >> i think that if he, you know, continues to wrong foot them, i think he's going to get something. i don't think he's going to get the assault weapons ban because there are democrats lined up against it. the magazine thing the size of the magazine is a little bit more possible, i think but still a pretty tough slog. i think he'll get background checks. more to the point the whole dialogue on this issue has completely changed. this was something not brought up at all in his first term except by crazy people who insisted that he was waiting until his second term to go get the guns. stephanie: we played the secret audio, talking about the connecticut effect. that's nothing. but as we said, i do think it's different this time. >> i think the one thing that's different, not to be completely crass is that there's money
7:41 am
behind it now. gabrielle giffords has started and organization, she's raising money. stephanie: yep. >> there's money to counter act the money on the other side for the first time in a long while probably for the first time since the brady bill. i think that changes things around. stephanie: actually, the president's going to propose deep nuclear arms cuts. i wonder if he's going to whip out the reagan on them again which tends to make their heads explode. that's dramatic cuts he's talking about. >> jay carney has already walked that one back, hasn't he? he already said that he isn't going to propose deep cuts in nuclear weapons. stephanie: oh, really? >> i think so. i think that was a new york times story that came out. it's not a bad idea. stephanie: right. >> i mean, you know, the defense cuts and the sequester are not a bad idea. why do we have that many troops in germany is beyond me. stephanie: here we are right march 1, the quester weaver
7:42 am
already got mitch mcconnell saying clearly the penalty wants more revenue for more government. we're going to have the same -- the president's going to layout everything that he wants to do, that he ran and won on, right? and the american people largely agree with and they will be sitting on their hands. >> not only that, he's being told by everyone on television that he has to reach out and have a "nixon goes china" moment in which he like adopts some of the plan that was completely rejected by the voters in the fall. >> nobody writes about irritation with sunday shows better you do. you share my -- that's what i screamed to david gregory. i'm going to start texting him during his -- it really is, the president needs to reach out more. that's the mean every week, right? >> the president should reach out more. he doesn't have to reach out on anything else, just that.
7:43 am
as mike murphy said this weekend. that means making the beneficiaries pay more. that's the way we're going to solve our long term debt problem. stephanie: if i have to hear that one more time, the president needs to lead. >> guess what, he is leading not the direct you want him to go. stephanie: we may be down one side of the partisan divide. you can't keep saying it's both sides, the president needs to do more. it is the house republicans, that is the problem, right? they can't seem to me coherently explain why they are on the wrong side of every issue. >> the clearest indication of what's wrong with the whole thing, there are two responses to the state of the union tonight. one is the sensible response from marco rubio and the other one is senator to be the id, because they can't stop him. a sensible republican party would say we're going to have
7:44 am
one response and put up this guy we really think should be president one day and you can shut up, and. they can't do it. there's no way to stop him. stephanie: and a sensible republican party my dad's republican party would have said stockman, you're not bringing ted nugent to the state of the union, you're not bringing someone who has threatened the president's life. >> for all the cosmetic changes they claim to be making, they still don't have any energy in the party if you get rid of the crazy people. stephanie: uh-huh. what else do you -- are you expecting to hear, hope to hear? >> what i hope to hear, like an aggressive climate change proposal which i'm not going to get. he'll mention it. i think i'd like to hear jobs, jobs jobs, jobs, not one word about the deficit. that would make my heart go pity pat. not only would that make everybody's head on television explode, it would make me very happy. stephanie: we are told it will
7:45 am
be used on using to protect jobs, bring down the deficit -- >> whoa, wait. stephanie: he will once again say this is what the american people voled for right? >> what i'm fairly impressed by is he's getting back on an airplane as soon as this is over and going to try to sell this down in north carolina. people are yelling he is still in the campaign, right he still has people backing him. stephanie: you can't reasonably watch any of those republicans eric cantor was on meet the press. no matter how you spin it, it's like no, you were on the wrong side of the polling of everything the penalty wants to get done. he ran on those issues, won on those issues. it's just -- i don't did eric cantor say anything that made sense to you sunday? >> no, this is what he did. first of all if you're giving a really big speech about how the republican party is changing its
7:46 am
appeal to working people, you don't give it to the american enterprise institute. i'm sorry. if they invite you to do it or not, you don't do it. you do it someplace else. second of all we're going to put america back to work. there isn't a single proposal that's going to do anything about that. >> exactly. >> it's the same stuff. stephanie: when paul krugman is on those shows everybody else shut up. he says it almost every week. austerity is the worst possible thing we can do right now. >> a week ago he took a whack at joe scarborough. started again today. stephanie: what did he say? >> talked about how paul, you know, he compared paul krugman's ideas on austerity to climate change. stephanie: hmm? >> mika seemed to drift off to
7:47 am
that happy place to wait out the endless morning. stephanie: that's a chardonnay cloud to peggy noonan drifts in sometimes? >> more memories of childhood with daddy's big. stephanie: happy state of the union day. 45 minutes. mika does sometimes look like she's thinking happy thoughts, not listening to what joe's saying. i am somewhere else, now. thank you, a pony daddy? we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ ♪
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7:52 am
♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. stephanie: 50 minutes after the hour. rocky mountain mike guy filled my show with hopey changey. how is that working out for you at the vatican? we love the homage. >> yes we do. we appreciate the fact that they listen. stephanie: thank you. damien in johnstown pennsylvania writes steph i saw you at sexy liberal. with all due respect mama, you suck at racism. yeah, i did make out with kevin a little bit. sang louie louie to him. a very touching moment. he's rebutting news busters
7:53 am
saying i'm race i have the because, you know the whole thing. >> yeah no we were talking about slow laura eating a rice ball and we talked about malkin and they assumed i was making a racial slur, which hadn't even occurred to me. >> which makes them racist for thinking it. stephanie: you're on the "stephanie miller show," hey james. caller: hello. i can't help but wonder what ted nugent is going to look like tonight. every photo he's wearing that silly hunter's hat camouflage jacket and waving his gun around. stephanie: yes well... caller: you know what i was going to say is i thought to really top it off they ought to have a clown car pull up in front of the capitol building and have donald trump an coulter and ted nugent come out at the same time. stephanie: let's just invite the entire clown car why just ted
7:54 am
nugent? really. by the way speaking of others in the right wing clown car like senator he plans to postpone the confirmation of chuck hagel. he said i'll do that as long as it takes. >> can you do that? >> jay carney talking about ben goody. >> what is unfortunate is the continuing attempt to politicize an issue the nominees had nothing to do with it and to do so in a way that only does harm to our national security interests. stephanie: yes but chuck hagel the real thing they've got to get to the bottom of that from 2007 thing where one of his staffers maybe sexually harassed another staffer something he had nothing to do with in any way. it's troubling. very troubling incident. >> river city, troubling. stephanie: richard in chicago hello. caller: hope you're doing well, listen, a couple quickments.
7:55 am
stephanie, you're not a racist, you're too cool to be a racist. stephanie: thank you. caller: that binges, the republicans are turning into crabs in a barrel with the tea party versus the establishment. one other quick comment guns, policies against president obama and ted nugent being at the state of the union is really just about their racism, sexism, their bias. the only way to really fight back against that is that some of these people have to be run against, like the congressman stockman in his own district, in his next term, because that's the fascist way to deal with some of these knuckleheads that don't realize that they're really continue to go divide the country. stephanie: yeah. caller: that's wife what i see. stephanie: it's a ridiculous publicity stunt. his own constituents ought to tell him it's not appropriate. gary in new york, you're on the "stephanie miller show" show. hi. caller: hi, how are you? i just wanted to remind you of something that i know that you
7:56 am
know. you saw the presidential favor movie. the president says america isn't easy. america is advanced citizenship. you got to want it bad, because you have to acknowledge a man who is standing in the center of a stage saying something that would make your blood boil, advocating things, you know. stephanie: right. caller: that's what ted nugent is. stephanie: yeah. caller: ted nugent is that guy. stephanie: i think the extra step is that he is someone who as on at least two occasions threatened the life of the president publicly. caller: i understand that. and as crazy as he is, i'm an american and i'm one of those hand of the free americans home of the braves americans. i'm not afraid of some guy standing in the middle of the stage screaming his lungs out. i'm not afraid of him. stephanie: some have other thoughts on that.
7:57 am
i understand what you're saying. that's where free speech stops, threatening the life of someone else. janet michigan, welcome. hello. hi janet. caller: hi! boy, it's tough to be on hold, because you hear so many things that you just want to talk about it all. stephanie: yes, all right well go ahead. caller: i'm in michigan and i'm a brown skin, half native american indians. stephanie: uh-huh. caller: i have been raped, by the way. i'm trying to figure out and maybe jim can really help with this too he's such a historian, because the deal is, we vote things in, and then they expire? what is up with that? stephanie: right. caller: violence against women the equal rights amendment the. stephanie: i'm sorry, i don't think it's anymore complicated. if you're voting against the violence for women act you're
7:58 am
for violence against women. the objections they make are ludicrous, i think. caller: this is crazy. if you're a woman in america it's getting more scary. just because what do we mean you guys what's, you know, you're in our faces. i was not the republicans to keep this up, because we do have elections coming and that's what they don't realize. the deeper they dig the hole, the more we're all watching, and i'll tell you right now how we feel is we have fear. we have fear for what they're trying to do, because they're in our faces with all kinds of negativity. stephanie: that would be awesome, if even the gerrymandering didn't work and it blowed up in their face real good. [ explosion ] stephanie: bob in ashville, hi. caller: how are you this morning? stephanie: good, go ahead. caller: i hope news busters watching. as a veteran it offends me that this representative from texas
7:59 am
would call a crap in the pants racist draft dodger a true american patriot. dick cheney, a five time draft dodger calling that chuck hagel and john kerry are second class citizens. stephanie: second class nominee or what did he say -- caller: second class people. that is very offensive. i hope news busters will jump on that. stephanie: i'm sure they will. caller: and get off this rice ball crap. stephanie: i'm sure they're getting to that next. ok. let's go to lisa in dallas. caller: yay! stephanie: yay! go ahead. >> she wasn't clapping for you. stephanie: yay! caller: i have my-year-old granddaughter watch this every day. i did want to talk to you about
8:00 am
this whole ted nugent. help me out chris. isn't there a democratic house member at all that could maybe invite, i don't know natalie from the dixie chicks. weren't they said to be speaking treason and stuff. stephanie: they didn't step away and threaten bush. good baby! good baby, yay! ok, 58 after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show."
8:01 am
8:02 am
stephanie: we're in our prestate of the union frenzy. >> i'm going to tweet it. stephanie: are you? >> i'm going to weigh in doing. i can't watch anything without multi-tasking. stephanie: that's how we roll during meet the press usually. >> i'm totally into that. i can't sit still and pay attention to one thing so... stephanie: you're a little if i goty. >> just a touch. stephanie: hopefully will you join us after the top here, since jim ward is out with a terrific neoowe he's out with a horrific swollen knee. >> i know, such a bad injury. i hope he recovers. stephanie: probably related to his last ectopic pregnancy. >> probably has lingering after-effects. stephanie: our favorite hypo can't deaction will join us tomorrow. >> we've been talking about
8:03 am
about steve stockman's inappropriate invitation to ted nugent. there are going to be guests worth talking about. twenty or so house democrats have have id guests affected by gun violence personally, including some from newtown connecticut. gabrielle giffords and her husband mark kelly will be there. michelle obama viewed the parents of 15-year-old hadiya pendleton, killed a week after participating in the presidential inaugural ceremonies in washington d.c. the first lady attended her funeral last saturday in chicago. two men of under arrest in that murder each charged with first degree murder, attempted murder and aggravated battery for not only killing her but wounding two others. police say the men thought they were shooting at a rival gang and not a group of students. the first lady also welcoming 102-year-old desline victor, a
8:04 am
haitian immigrant who had a tough time voting in miami. she took two trips to the polls and waited for several hours becoming an inspiration for others to wait in line. she will be representing the need to fix our electoral process. illinois democratic gutierrez is bringing an undocumented immigrant, a father of two a husband fighting to stay in the united states. he was brought here when he was 15 he's been living and working here ever since. we're going to be back with more show after the break. stay with us. (vo) next, current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real,
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stephanie: happy state of the union, everybody. i'm a big geek. six minutes after the hour. testify call call, the phone number toll free from anywhere. >> chicago it's time to stand up for your sexy amendment rights. >> the right of the people to laugh out loud shall not be infringed. >> the sexy liberal tour is coming to the windy city to protect your right bare all. if you haven't witnessed this epic record breaking comedy tour before, and even if you have, do it again, because. ♪ you ain't seen nothing yet ♪
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>> stephanie. >> i'm sexy and i know it. >> april 16, john sparks, john fugelsang and the darling of progressive media stephanie miller are bringing a whole new level of naughty comedy to chicago. tickets of available at ticket live at the chicago theater. go to ticket >> no background check required. stephanie: yeah, get it. i work out. ok. speaking of sexy. ♪ ♪ stephanie: yay! ♪ ♪ stephanie: good morning, jacki sheckner. >> good morning. somebody asked me if i injured jim with the hopes of taking over. i said i would go for something for treacherous than the knee. stephanie: they wondered if it
8:10 am
was a nancy kerrigan thing jim's at home going why? why, jacki. stephanie: should we mention again valentine's day. is this a manufactured holiday to make us single people feel bad? >> there's a good spin class on valentine's eve. unfortunately, it's not a good time for us to go. >> everybody will be single in that one single and mingle. stephanie: and sweaty, yeah, all right. >> i've never looked finer than in that moment. stephanie: righted wet dripping, yes, there you go. all right although, i tend to run into exes and other stalkers at spinning. >> that's because they're intentional. they show up to find you. it's not accidental. >> you pretty much live your life on the air so they know where to find. stephanie: you're clipped into the bike so you can't get away. >> sometimes she just leaves you sitting there to figure out how
8:11 am
to get out. stephanie: no matter how fast you spin, you can't get away from your bad life choices. that's the problem. that would technically make me a stationery dike. >> did you really? yes, i did. new york city has got sewage tours a big demand, valentine's day tours. huh? the plant in brooklyn. [ fart noises ] >> like really? stephanie: people are weird. last year, the plant said a digester egg was going to emit an odor. i love you honey let's go to the poo plant. >> go down any alley way. stephanie: new york's pretty
8:12 am
scratch and sympathy. you don't have to go anywhere special. this i hesitate to do, but it really is pretty -- we have to -- cancel valentine's day the grandest gesture possible has been performed. jacki from sue johnson of houston, texas. my sweet husband john and i were married for 46 years. each valentine's day, he sent me flowers containing the words my love for you goes. a lifetime of love was his legacy to me when he passed away two years ago. ten months after i lost him, i was shocked to see a gorgeous bouquet addressed to me from john. i called the florist to say there was a mistake. the florist said before he passed away, your husband prepaid for many years so that you would continue getting bouquets every valentine's day. i read the card. it said my love for you is eternal. >> oh, my god!
8:13 am
stephanie: why? why did i read that? why did you send me that story? >> i'm tearing up here. >> it does put into con tech the mitt romney story about his father leaving his mother a rose and her knowing he had passed because there was no rose. that just stopped. stephanie: right. >> right. >> not to be insensitive but... stephanie: not to say romneys had enough money to do the lifetime flower thing like this guy did. just saying. >> i'm the one who sent the story to you. >> did you really tear? >> i did yes. >> stop moving the camera, leave it on him. stephanie: come on, ratings gold. >> how emotional that's cute. stephanie: all right. so state of the union obviously the president going to talk about the focuses on the economy and jobs and the republicans will have the same response, no big government, blah blah blah, big spender. nancy please said this.
8:14 am
>> the fact is we've had plenty of spending cuts, $1.6 trillion in the budget control act. stephanie: yeah, there is that. they seem immune to facts the republicans. >> they're allergic to facts. >> jay carney. >> the economy is poised to continue to grow, build on the progress we've made, on the job creation that we've achieved, over 6.1 million jobs created by our businesses over the past 35 or 36 months. stephanie: i think boehner just prepares his reaction, where are the jobs, no matter what the president says. >> speak spew the same stuff over and over again. i don't watch a lot of fox, but listen to it on the way home. i figure if i'm angry at traffic already, it's fine. i heard someone say i think lou dobbs talking, saying this is the worst recovery since the depression. stephanie: right right.
8:15 am
>> we are in the worst economic state since the depression, so it's the hardest recovery since -- and yet they've now turned the phrase and saying it's the worst rove since the depression. stephanie: by the way speaking of fox news, in an interview about fox news, the republican party, blah blah blah, roger a. caller: les said president obama is trying to get everyone to hate each other. the president likes to divide people into groups. he is busy trying to get everyone to hate each other. >> the president is? stephanie: right right. because that's what we'll remember when we first saw barack obama, talking about divisiveness. >> i would argue he spends too much time trying to make people like him. there's too much compromise with people who are never going to like him. stephanie: they never offer evidence. he's trying to get black people to hate -- what?
8:16 am
what do they base that? that's kind of the meaning of fox news. >> this coming from the woman who's racist against asians. stephanie: of course. >> what would you those really? stephanie: just go to news busters if you want to know what jacki's talking about. >> too soon? i'm sorry. stephanie: i know what you mean about right wing irritation in traffic in l.a. i sometimes tune in to rush limbaugh, because you want to know what they're as iing, but there's that combination of bad traffic and it just gets too irritating. the traffic's irritating and rush is more irritating and now i've heard enough. now i know what he's saying and i can't take anymore, too irritating. >> i like to put serious coffee house melodies in between my aggravating stations. stephanie: i do, too i go to kbig for a palate cleanser, a little adele song. yeah. i love this story.
8:17 am
pbs front line, we'll see on you tough the president is whatever he says, they're going to call it divisive, right and he's a hater. whatever. they detailed rush did his recent budget battles with one scene taking a look at the speech. remember when the president eviscerated paul ryan's budget and paul ryan was there. he was talking about the proposal to privatize medicare. it says that 10 years from now if you're a 65-year-old eligible for medicare, you'll have to pay $6,400 more than you would today. instead of guaranteed health care, you'd get a voucher and if you can't buy insurance, tough luck. it ends medicare as we know it. ryan at the time called that a partisan broadside. seriously, jacki is there anything in there that's nasty or personal? >> no, but it's the screaming "you lie" at the state of the
8:18 am
union is pretty nasty. every time you poke them in any way, it's a horrible attack of epic proportions and then they smack back, and they're like i don't know what you're to us. stephanie: right. according to the front line special, the administration officials didn't expect ryan to attended the speech, and they tried to warn obama of ryan's presence but didn't get to him in time. i'm reading that and going that was some sort of horrible -- caller: what does it matter? privatizing medicare is a horrible idea. >> he didn't personally attack him. he just pointed out his policies were wrong. stephanie: he didn't call him the budget munster or anything that one would hear here on the "stephanie miller show." >> didn't hold up a picture of him in workout clothes.% >> didn't say he was unpacking a rice ball. stephanie: he didn't say what kind of dork wears a baseball cap backwards. and do anything but curls really? >> with those biceps, he wasn't curling anything.
8:19 am
seriously. stephanie: just for the camera. >> don't go me started on him. >> we continue 17 minutes after the hour. coming right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> where the hand basket to hell leads from. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ ♪ from silver screens... to flat screens...
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8:24 am
minutes after the hour, 1-800-steph-1-2, toll free from anywhere. health care freak, jacki sheckner in the side car. we were talking about the medicare plan. >> where good doctors have bold ideas, voucher hospitals. >> voucher hospital, brought to you by ace hardware. >> dr. ryan. >> hello mary. well, i've got good news and bad news. >> yes? >> first the bad news. you need a by pass operation and it costs $167,000. >> the good news? >> i have a voucher here. >> this is for $2 off an extra value meal add wendy's. >> this is $2 off a by pass operation. >> you're welcome.
8:25 am
>> will dr. ryan be able to use a voucher for 18 homes at pebble beach? tune in tomorrow to voucher hospital. stephanie: all right. that's a beautiful thing. [ applause ] >> nicely done. stephanie: thank you. >> this is a subway sub club card and it still needs two stamps. [ laughter ] stephanie: kevin in chicago writes i for one am glad ted nugent is going to be in attendance tonight. it shows how disinterested they are in governing and more interested in putting on a show for their lunatic base. your thoughts. i understand in some ways, you go it is the face of extremism. maybe it is a good thing. >> i don't know, the problem is we're drawing a lot of attention away from the guests who are invited who actually are there for good reason and that was what i mentioned in my last news
8:26 am
break is gabrielle giffords is going to be there with her husband, hadiya's parents are going to be there the 15-year-old shot in chicago. family members from newtown. a lot of people affected by gun violence will be there. that i think it's important to pay them just as much attention as this side show. stephanie: that's why it's particularly douchey of this guy. it's not a point-counter point argument. they're doing it as an affront a counter point to these grieving families. >> i think they really should. i just don't understand, i'll say it again and again why the secret service doesn't step in and say you're not welcome here. stephanie: yeah, well we'll see. this guy stockman has also promised to truth check president obama with the hash tag you lie.
8:27 am
he said i'll do to the president obama agenda what ted nugent will do to a white tail, i'll stand there and gut it. >> who elects these people. stephanie: some people in texas. >> where comes the federal respect that comes with bang federal lawmaker? stephanie: it's making the state of the union into a circus side show. >> people say we have no respect for congress, it's because they have behave like this. stephanie: kirk in congress, you're on with jacki. hello, kirk. >> hi, kirk. >> sorry about that. stephanie: that's all right. caller: years ago i ran the security in a shopping center, and i have an interesting thought here. if you want to outlaw guns, how about you make the gangs terrorists. you declare them a terrorist organization, going around killing people and that gives the federally authority to come
8:28 am
in and take away some guns of people who don't need them. this would apply to gangs apply to the mexican cartels. it's just a tool someone might want to use to take away a lot of the problems we have in the cities, the inner city, chicago. what if you took away the gang members' guns or if they have them, they go to jail just like a tryst because guess what? they are. stephanie: all right. i'm not a lawyer. i'm not sure drones can involve every problem. jacki? >> i'm not sure there's a legal way to do that, but i do think we obviously have a problem not only with guns, but gaining violence and it really is a form of domestic terrorism. if you're afraid to step outside your house because you're afraid that somebody is going to use a weapon like that in a dangerous manner, that is a form of terrorism. stephanie: that's right.
8:29 am
let's go to albert in tucson. hello, ago better. caller: good morning, love you guys. i've been a busy guy this morning. i've called the secret service and i've also sent off an email to peter chung of the asian soaks. stephanie: thank you. caller: when i called the secret service i said i'd like to know your policy on someone like ted nugent being in the aim room. the lady assured me they do have a policy on that and are well aware of it, because they've gotten hundreds of calls. >> oh, good. caller: now i also emailed peter chung and kindly, politely berated him for his misinformed of a demand of an apology from you and i'm awaiting a apology for him. >> you want to come help me out
8:30 am
next time i have to break up with someone? he's good at that. stephanie: is that a regular thing with you, jacki sheckner, you little heartbreaker? >> no. [ laughter ] >> it's just hard to do. >> exactly. he was so diplomatic. [ laughter ] >> breaking up is hard to do, according to kneel as neil sedaka. stephanie: i'm looking for a lover who won't drive me crazy. that's all i'm looking for. >> hi, deb. caller: you keep me sane here in jacksonville, honey. stephanie: always love people hinging their sanity on mine. caller: i ran across, i got real upset when i heard about this stockman event bringing nugent in. i started looking into it, and it turns out that stockman represents good old jasper
8:31 am
county. do you remember the story about the dear, poor unassuming black man that was hauled. stephanie: from the back of the truck. caller: that was jasper county. stephanie: that explains a lot. jacki sheckner, thanks for filling in. love you. 29 minutes after the hour. more on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ ♪ compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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[ laughter ] stephanie: 34 minutes after the hour. it is the "stephanie miller show." 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. al, you're on the show. hi, al. caller: hello! stephanie: hello! caller: hello! hey, am i on? stephanie: yes ok. caller: i'm sorry. [ laughter ] new that's all right. caller: i'm calling again from the land of newt gingrich here in georgia. listen, two things about tonight. first of all unfortunately, as much as we'd like to ban ted nugent that would make him into a victim on fox news, so we can't do that. it's a double standard, because you know, you can ban cindy sheehan, because she hates the troopses but you can't ban ted nugent, because then he's a patriot and a victim. we've just got to live with that. that's the liberal tax. stephanie: yes and he was a
8:37 am
draft dodger, he loves the military so much. caller: tonight listen, he ought to be as aggressive, push his stuff. we all know that if he stood there and just read names alphabetically out of a phone book they'd still call him a communist. emits well just push his stuff be aggressive, because this reaching out stuff is never going to play. they don't want to be reached out to. stephanie: you know, you're right. caller: be himself. stephanie: exactly. he ought to if he really had a sense of humor read from carl marx. stephanie: you get a gift card. caller: just in time for valentine's day. >> you don't need to check
8:38 am
stephanie in the referral box new i just gave it to you. did i say upper white hand corner? because i'm a known racist, according to news busters. >> i'm not sending that part to pro flowers. stephanie: how about some ride wing world everybody? here we go. [ circus music ] stephanie: wow are they trying to spin this california cop killer guy. >> yeah, they are. stephanie: why are they trying to make him into a liberal? he said he didn't vote in this election huntsman was his guy. >> at one point, he said he liked what senator feinstein is doing. stephanie: ah. ok. >> yes he also said he liked the right wing people on the takings next door. stephanie: right. right. ok. >> what are you going to do? >> it's also a double standard if he praised conservatives as
8:39 am
he did liberal media. >> we would be responsible for all those -- we're responsible when we have nothing to do with it. new york times said jared loughner the day it happened, he said he was a product of talk radio and conservative republicans. >> they've been doing this going back to tim mcveigh blame bob grant, talk radio. i'm not going to do what they do, because it doesn't make sense. >> that's right. >> the double standard is even more glaring. stephanie: the cases they talk about, chris specifically, sean hannity among others, books have been found. it's another cop killer. >> the one you from pittsburgh. stephanie: cited he had hannity and o'reilly. >> don't forget the murderer of doctor of the teller in his own church. stephanie: this was a stretch.
8:40 am
obviously his named grudge is the lapd. >> yes exactly. stephanie: it's not a political thing ofette side. it's saying the lapd treated me unfairly yada, yada. that binges, i don't care. >> he's a murderer. alleged murderer. stephanie: he allegedly killed the daughter of a guy he had a grudge with and her fiancee. it's a horrible story. >> an coulter speaking of horrible, an coulter. >> i think whenever you talk about benghazi, it would be useful to play a clip of hillary and susan rice claiming it was this american, egyptian american filmmaker out here in l.a. and some silly trailer he put on line. they lie about this, an american is killed eight hours ago by and now we find out from the outgoing defense secretary that obama didn't talk to him again. it really is so much more
8:41 am
shocking than anything that happened in the bush administration. >> oh, really? really? stephanie: i got winded there a little bit. >> are you ok? do you need a heimlich. stephanie: hundreds of thousands of iraqi americans dying that's not shocking at all. >> that's not important. stephanie: no, no. they're still on benghazi, really? >> yeah. stephanie: ok. by the way the video is still being cited as part of that whole thing that was happening in this entire area of the world. ok. john, i don't know who he is, a former f.b.i. agent on world net daily. >> he did convert to islam when he served in an official you capacity on behalf of the united states in saudi arabia. that fact alone is not what is most disturbing and makes him unif it for duty. what makes him unfit to adult
8:42 am
was his conversion to islam was the as you will minute nation of a counter intelligence operation against him to recruit him. the fact that four intelligence operatives recruited him when he was in a very sensitive and senior u.s. government position in a for the purpose country means that he is either a traitor or he has the inability to discern and understand how to walk in those kinds of environments, which makes him completely unfit to be the director of central intelligence. stephanie: let me review. instead of being the heads of the c.i.a., he should be executed into treason. we should turn that into a tribunal. >> that's what they peddle. stephanie: ok, let's end with
8:43 am
linda harvey from mission america. what's that? >> one of those web radio shows that seems to be popular amongst the righties. >> he would cave in and allow homosexual identity and attraction to be respected and welcomed among their boys. that would mean mobile spiritual and possibly physical corruption, plain and simple. parents and grandparents in our nation are appalled at the irresponsibility of this potential move. the delay is not necessarily a good sign. what the national boy scouts may be hoping for is for more dialogue. in other words ways to pressure local troop leaders and national christian groups threatening to disaffiliate if this new policy goes through. the delay also allows homosexual groups to mount bigger nationwide campaigns to spin the issue as a matter of hate versus love and tolerance. those of us with experience with these folks know this does not reflect reality. stephanie: wow that sounds like an entertaining little radio show there.
8:44 am
did she read the entire you thing off a card. does she have prepared remarks every day? >> yeah, she hires a team of writers. that's exactly how you do a radio show for three hours. stephanie: thanks, linda harvey, that sounds fun. ok. [ applause ] stephanie: speaking of the gay mets catcher not like that, baseball. >> right yeah. stephanie: piazza opens up about gay men and steroids in a new memoir. he wants his fans to know he is not gay and has never taken steroids. >> let me be clear. i am not gay. stephanie: all right, all right listen. on the offensive. speaking of the gay yea for leon panetta calling it a matter of in he canty. he signed a memorandum to the pentagon's top personnel office extending benefits to service
8:45 am
members. he's on honoring the sacrifices of all military families, extending those benefits is an appropriate step to assure all service members receive equal support for what they do to protect this nation. >> a friend of mine on facebook said that he is now very happy that he can put his partner on his health insurance. stephanie: that would be equal. >> yeah. stephanie: sounds like an equal benefit, equal right. stephanie: you don't f. with marines. stephanie: not the wrong one. if you [bleep] with the wrong one, he will presumably rip your head off and down your neck. >> and my friend could. stephanie: right. kobe bryant, not cool with homophobia. there's something new. he tweeted just letting you know using your guy as a way to put someone down is not cool. delete that from your vocabulary. apparently he has learned a thing or two from 2011 when he
8:46 am
was find for calling a referee a [bleep], 2f. words in a row, one the gay man. >> and one the f. word. >> i guess as he's say evolved. [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] stephanie: good for him. i wonder if billie in texas has evolved. good morning. caller: hi, guys. stephanie: hello! caller: listen, stephanie, i don't think that you're racist for making the comment that you made about michelle malkin. stephanie: i was not talking about michelle malkin. caller: you were talking about a rice ball of nonsense. even though i don't think it was meant as a racial slur, but how does it make you feel, now that you're being called a racist for something that you didn't mean as racist? stephanie: it makes me feel like it's hilarious. caller: well, everything is sophomoric, stupid humor to you all. i want to caution you too about we voted for obama, we
8:47 am
voted for all these things. stephanie: i'm talking about the polling on all these issues he ran on. caller: this ain't going to fly for everybody. not everybody voted for obama. stephanie: that's right however the vast majority of americans agree with him. all right, you're just going to talk over me, so blah blah blah. here's some sophomoric humor. [ farting sound ] stephanie: you hush now. back with the remaining moments of the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: free speech? what a concept. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ ♪
8:48 am
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as a singer, he conquered the world but peace within his family was something he could never have. of all the hours in all his days, these are the ones you'll never forget. ♪ ♪
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stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. fifty men's after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number, toll free from anywhere. tickets going fast for chicago sexy liberal. they're flying out the window. i think we've broken every box office record in the history of anything ever anywhere. hurry. ok. sue, you're on. hi sue. caller: you know what would be funny, would be the president
8:53 am
quoting groucho marx and tea party wouldn't know the difference between hum and carl marx. i agree that ted nugent shouldn't be banned. let him be there and be embarrassed. he's a pedophile, child molester and draft dodger. stephanie: he's as embarrassing as donald trump for the republican party. if you want to let the clown show continue, go ahead. caller: i'm just tellingle everyone listening, you should facebook him or go to twitter and let him know of what you think of two cowards sitting there, that's just perfect. stephanie: yep. caller: social media grovel to social media. stephanie: you need to answer your telethon phone there.
8:54 am
>> we don't agree with what you're doing coming to texas to piss on us. ♪ ♪ >> stalin took the guns. ♪ >> red coat treason! ♪ >> away from the school that is indoctrinating them that socialism is ok. >> find a place where you are surrounded by like-minded people. ♪ note. >> what a collaborator scum you are! >> taking everybody's guns. ♪ ♪ >> you know you want our guns. we're going to defeat you. ♪ >> we're killing everybody!
8:55 am
♪ >> they're coming to take them away. >> stalin took it is guns. ♪ >> you're the one who won't do anything about the mentally ill. >> barack stephanie: all right, thank you ted. thank you fabulous piece. dan in california, you're on the "stephanie miller show." hi, dan. caller: hi, stephanie. how are you? stephanie: good. caller: i'm a veteran. i want to make a comment on people saying they're law abiding citizens and their guns are threatened. it seems to me all the mass shootings have been done by law abiding citizens. they had no criminal background before they shot. stephanie: you're right. apparently everybody's a good guy with a gun until they're not, and then they're a bad guy with a gun. caller: i don't see the deal about being responsible with
8:56 am
guns. i don't own one, but i was a veteran. they're only made to kill, so i don't understand the arguments of no regulations. stephanie: i know. yes, exactly. john from illinois, you're on the show. caller: hi. i got a couple little comments here. i don't know if everybody else would go with it, but i think congress should be paid on merit. stephanie: that would be a tough slog for them, wouldn't it? >> if they did they'd finally start getting something done in washington because all they've been trying to do is punish the president of the united states. they're not punishing him. they're punishing the country. stephanie: yeah. caller: by not getting anything done. stephanie: yep. caller: look how long it took to get sandy's relief, what was it, eight-point some billion? stephanie: and so late a lot of people aren't going to be open their businesses in time. caller: what disturbs me more is the pork they put in there for
8:57 am
nascar. they accepted the money. stephanie: it's exactly right. i am looking forward to for comedy, rand paul's tea party please and thank you his response tonight, although for comedy, it will never top michele bachmann. you recall her, she was looking at the wrong camera the entire time and she had a bunch of charts that proved nothing. >> nothing. stephanie: however, i think it was oh oh, on daily coast they call her the comedy cats industry. she has a bitter unpaid staffer who says she covered up a crime. it's been a few weeks since we tuned in as the bat [bleep] bachmann crazy turns. it's a good time to check on the latest scandal to emerge from her failed run.
8:58 am
bachmann refused to pay staffers because they wouldn't sign a retroactive agreement not to cooperate with the police about activities in her campaign. several violations were cited of breaking election law. i hope marcus wasn't involved. he understands the penal code. he might be able to explain what happened there. >> he understands penal. i don't know if he understands the code. stephanie: madonna has found the infra glam. i don't understand anything on the interweb. >> that's because you're old. stephanie: madonna keeps posting unflattering picture. saturday, she posted an image of herself peering over a martini glass with the caption cheers, [bleep] i'm on infra gram. >> that was a really unflattering picture. stephanie: two more shots a sweaty one after a workout and
8:59 am
one of her in an all black disguise. >> that's not what infra gram is for. stephanie: is she ok? everything ok over in madonna land? >> i don't know. it's when she tries to latch on to what the kids are hip to. stephanie: if i started taking pictures like at a for infra gram, stop me. it's time for an intervention. >> it will be shooting grapes. that's all it will be. stephanie: personal assistant to the stars tells all. i may have to get this book. it somehow made me feel not as crazy. from being forced to sleep in their bed with them and hold their hand, the babysitters of the rich and famous reveal their horrors working for lady gaga, and claire danes. rebecca white claims she was required to sleep in gaga's bed because she didn't want to sleep alone. if i could afford a

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